The Onassis Foundation scholarships programme has over 30 years of presence and contribution. Driven by the will to reward hard work and excellence in every academic field, the Foundation offers scholarships to Greek and international distinguished students every year, with the ultimate aim being to promote knowledge, social justice and culture.

The Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association numbers more than 2000 members, and forms an impressive mosaic of talent, knowledge, expertise and willingness for social contribution. Excellence, leadership, artistic expression and high academic background are some of the characteristics of this multidimensional, yet cohesive human community.

Inspired by our individual backgrounds, hard work, ambition and collective consciousness, as Onassis Foundation Scholars and Members of the Association, we set as our direct objective for the next years to interconnect even further and to use our professional recognition, our skills and our knowledge to promote positive changes in all sectors.

Our tenet is that higher education is a long-term investment towards social progress and economic growth. As Scholars of the Onassis Foundation, we wish to reciprocate the opportunity for knowledge and personal progress that was extended to us, enhancing the professional and social bonds between us and creating an active community of action and solidary intervention, thereby reflecting the ideals of the Foundation on tomorrow’s Greece.

Calls for Grants

In 1999, the Onassis Foundation established the Special Grant and Support Programme for the Scholars' Association members, through which it offers a more systematic support to the activity of the Association members.

The call for grants is published annually and includes: a) the rewarding and publication of a PhD dissertation that has excelled; b) funding two research programmes, their main researcher being a member of the Association; and c) funding a scientific conference or an important artistic event with the participation of members of the Scholars' Association and - occasionally - significant personalities from abroad.

Within this programme, and until 2010, special grants have been awarded to ca. 60 members of the Scholars' Association.