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Tuesday 9 June 2015 | 11:00

Onassis Cultural Centre | Upper Stage

(Syngrou avenue 107-109, Athens)

Free Admission


The Onassis Scholars’ Association, following the successful event it organised in collaboration with the Onassis Foundation in November 2013 on photography and the city of Athens, makes a comeback with a broader theme: This time, we invite you to a different view of Athens, not just through photography, but also through cinema, theatre, literature, architecture and modern artistic approaches.


The aim of this event is to revisit Athens from within, and rediscover the little towns, the neighbourhoods, the story and its narratives.


  • How can we capture our city by night?
  • In what way does the theatrical scenery refer to and highlight the ever-changing Athenian urban space, as well as the dynamic of relationships developing within its framework?
  • How is the identity of Athens redefined in text of post-neoteric literature through the eyes of the city-wandering narrator?
  • How familiar are we with the arcades of Athens?
  • What is the relationship between the city and the ancient monuments?


Aiming at redefining our relationship with everyday life in the urban landscape, the event speakers shall each present us their own Athens, from an artistic, theoretical, multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary viewpoint.


There will be specific mention to the work of new creators who live and study in Athens and to the way in which they discover it step-by-step by photographing it, as well as to the approach of their teachers at the TEI of Athens Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts (Nikos Apostolopoulos, Yiagos Athanassopoulos and Kostas Thomopoulos). At the same time, approaching amateur photographers, tourists and residents as a source of inspiration shall allow for a new reading of photographs of the past (Io Paschou).


The event will also feature director Tassos Boulmetis, University of Athens Assistant Professor of Civil Law Ioanna Kondyli, literary theoreticians Titika Karavia, adjunct lecturer, Open University of Cyprus and Peggy Karpouzou University of Athens Lecturer, architect Maria Mira, distinguished Greek director Lakis Papastathis and several other eminent speakers.


Lastly, we should also highlight the participation of French Professor of the History of Architecture, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Jean-Philippe Gabric, in charge of the LABEX CAP research programme, who shall define the need to interpret Athens and its history anew.


Attendance certificates will be available after the end of the event.


Information: 2103713011


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