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SYNPRAXIS is a theatrical marathon run.

SYNPRAXIS, a multi-act Festival, was held on 12 October 2014, at the Athens “Synchrono Theatro” and 104.

It is a 12-hour-long theatrical marathon run organised by the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association, including six plays grouped in a multi-play festival of performing arts. The festival took place on Sunday, 12 October, at the Athens “Synchrono Theatro” and the Theatre 104.

A grand theatrical feast in Athens. Famous artists - scholars of the Onassis Foundation - joined their forces to create a multi-play theatrical and dance marathon, running from 10.30 am on Sunday, 12 October, through 10.30 pm at night.

The festival, including children's shows, performances by and for people with special needs, as well as “private” 7-people performances, provided an extensive range of choices, by offering the spectators interactive experiences through their own participation.

The SynPraxis Performing Arts Festival is an initiative of the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association and hosted at the stages of the Synchrono Theatro of Athens and of Theater 104, six plays written by the scholars Tzeni Argyriou, Dorina Kalethrianou, Emmanouela Kapokaki, Euripides Laskaridis, Theodosia Sourelou and Elena Tiblalexi.

The main aim of the festival and the connecting link of all the “Acts” was the artists' willingness to contact the public directly, by means of plays that eliminate the stage-and-orchestra-pit convention by attempting an organic bond between the spectator and the artist.

Admission to all the plays was free, by means of entrance tickets. Distribution of the entrance tickets starts one hour before the start of each performance, at the box office of the Synchrono Theatro of Athens and of Theatre 104, on 41, Evmolpidon str., in Gazi.

Festival organised and run by Kelly Diapouli - Hara Syrou.