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Rehabitations: We are not strangers in the same city



Do you often wonder that it might be nice if you could put your empty balcony to good use? Are you pondering what could be done with that room in your flat that you never use? Are you one of those people who, while gazing at the gloomy inner courtyard of your block of flats, dream of planted backyards for children to play in? Or, maybe, you’re one of those people who firmly believe that, if each and every one of us were to make a small change in one’s place, this intervention will inevitably spread outside one’s home, onto the balcony, the inner courtyard, the pavement, the balcony across the street and, just like that, all of a sudden, the whole city may change, cnahingng our whole lives alongside it?


If that is indeed the case, then come meet us on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 May 2015, at the Diplareios School (10:00-20:00, 3rd floor), to discuss just how you can easily change a few things in your place. A team comprising architects, landscape architects, industrial designers, artists and social scientists will be there to have a friendly chat with you, study the needs of your home with you and come up with solutions.


All you have to do is bring with you some very simple photographs of your home, using your smart phone and printed out on A4-sized sheets of paper.


And, since we’re only too familiar with the facts that we Greeks find it difficult to discuss domestic issues with “complete strangers”, we will not be meeting you in an inhospitable venue: Kostas, a good friend of our team’s, in support of the “Rehabitations” action, agreed to be the first one to “open” his home, by moving all of it, lock, stock, and barrel, for those two days at the Diplareios School, offering his furniture so that we may organise our meetings with you there! Moreover, since the second day of the event is our “host’s” name-day, on the night of Thursday, May the 21st, we are expecting all of you to join us for a grand party that will be held afterwards at the Diplareios School, at the exact same spot!


You see, if we don’t open our houses; if we don’t think and talk about what our choices and practices in our homes reproduce, then our city will never change and neither will our everyday culture...


Action details:

Where: At the Diplareios School, 3rd floor

Dates: Wednesday 20 & Thursday 21 May, 10:00 -20:00

Information: 2130178049


Action team:

Myrto Kiourti: In charge of the event

Io Paschou: In charge of the team of artists

Pavlina Spandoni: In charge of the team of social scientists

Panayiotis Tournikiotis: Scientific advisor to the event


Olga Venetsianou

Maria-Eleni Voyiatzi

Sozitta Goudouna

Yiannis Graos

Melpo Danou

Yiannis Zavoleas

Vlassis Karayiannis

Stella Katsi

Antonis Kiourktsis

Sophia Kioussi

Alexandros Kitriniaris

Eleni Mitakou

Eleni Mouzakiti

Angeliki Paraskevopoulou

Nikos Patsavos

Achilleas Papakostas

Lambros Papanikolatos

Lia Petrou

Angeliki Svoronou

Gina Skiada

Dionyssia Triandafyllou

Athina Hatzi


Sincere thanks to Kostas Bouroussis for his invaluable participation in the Rehabitations action.


The action is organised by the Onassis Foundation and the Onassis Cultural Centre, with the ardent support of the Onassis Scholars’ Association, in the framework of the “Strange Cities” Exhibition.