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The new film “Notias” by Tassos Boulmetis continues its journey and moves from the cinema theatres to the legendary Hollywood Arcade, through a spectacular photography exhibition boasting unseen behind-the-scenes material. At the same time, discussions will be held with the participation of seasoned cinematographers, as well as a big party with music from old cinematic Athens, organised by Melodia FM.

The three-day nostalgic trip down the memory lane of Greek cinema will take place between 5 and 7 February 2016, in a place that used to be its very heart: The Hollywood Arcade. The historical Arcade, which housed for two decades the offices of cinema producers and distribution companies, was the favourite joint of actors, directors and cinema people during the golden age of Greek cinema.

The photography exhibition is hosted by the Onassis Scholars’ Association, with the assistance of the Onassis Foundation.
The full programme of the Exhibition (5-6-7 February): 
Friday, 5 February at 19:00 | Grand Opening

Saturday, 6 February at 13:00 | Open discussion – “Behind the camera: unknown stories from Greek cinema”

The story of Greek cinema through the eyes of old cinematographers and distributors, conversing with journalists and the public. Participants:
1. Ninos Mikelidis, cinema critic
2. Giorgos Michailidis, distributor, exhibitor
3. Alekos Lambrou, exhibitor, member of the Exhibitors Federation
4. Costas Gounaris, sales director
5. Giorgos Panousopoulos, film director
6. Paul Sklavos, director, exhibitor
7. Voula Georgakakou, former director, Greek Film Center
8.Takis Tsakalakis, distributor, exhibitor
9. Giorgos Spentzos, distributor
10. Panagiotis Timogiannakis, cinema critic
Moderator: Zinos Panagiotidis, Rosebud 21 distributor.

Sunday, 7 February at 15:00 | Party, featuring music from cinematic Athens, hosted by Melodia FM

Hollywood Arcade (Pantazopoulou Arcade), 98, Akadimias street
Organiser: Onassis Scholars’ Association with the assistance of the Onassis Foundation
Curation: Io Paschou
Exhibition Team – students from the TEI of Athens Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts: Ermina Dimitriou, Elpida Kontogianni, Eleni Pontiki, Dimitris Patrikios, Michalis Matsoukas, Giorgos Kazias.
Feelgood Entertainment | Viewmaster films | Metaxa | Amstel 
Communication Sponsors:
Melodia FM | Lifo
Exhibition Hours (free admission):
Friday 5/2: Opening at 19:00
Saturday 6/2 and Sunday 7/2: 12:00 -20:00
Information: 210 3713011
Press Office: 210 3713019
A few words about the Hollywood Arcade:
The Hollywood Arcade, also known as Pantazopoulou Arcade, one of the main filming locations of “Notias”, is situated in number 98 of Akadimias street and is over half a century old, since it was designed by architect I. Lygizos in 1950. It was named after the offices of cinema producers and distribution companies located there. It hosted the famous Bar Hollywood (to which it owes one of its names). The glorious cinematic history of the arcade is evidenced today by the “Seventh Art Manor”, still hanging over the entrance of the building that used to house all those offices back in the day.