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Ithaca & Edit, two free performances at the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens.

Theatre in the foreground. The Onassis Scholars' Association organised an exceptional theatrical event, open to the public, by presenting two avant-garde theatrical plays, on June 16, at the Upper Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre.

In the context of this event, the public had the opportunity to attend, free of charge, the theatrical plays “Ithaca”, by Demetris Demetriadis, and “Edit”, by Daphne Giannoulatou, and follow the lonely path of their heroes, in a journey of absolute internal dialogue.


Demetriadis' text follows the plot of Homer's epic, in that Ulysses returns to Ithaca. It is, however, substantially differentiated from it, since the hero does not return to his homeland with love. Alienated by the Trojan war, he is an aggressive, destructive and raging repatriate. He sows death and terror. He kills, in addition to the suitors, also his family and the people of Ithaca. He exterminates its animals, its trees, his palace. He kills his own place. Ithaca, Ulysses' “motherland” as the author calls it, includes all the persons that had long awaited him to return, to love and to be loved, and all its living creatures and material elements. Penelope, Telemachus, Laertes, Eurycleia, Eumaeus, even Argus, all fall dead and sink with the island of Ithaca. Ulysses survives alone, suspended, a shadowless shadow, a “Nobody” doomed to an interim space, without destination and even without a starting point.


ITHACA, by Demetris Demetriadis

Directed by Elena Tiblalexi

Performed by Maria Kechagioglou

Duration: 50 min

Sound and lighting, video art: Demetris Karnavas

Artistic conception: Katerina Sotiriou


Christos is a modern-day person. He is plunged into routine and is already 33 years old, without questioning or contesting. Without thinking if his choices really pleased him or even if these choices were truly his own.

Unexpectedly, during a night at the end of a difficult yet routine day, something embarrasses him with respect to his behaviour. A thought worries him, contests him and ultimately sets him on a course of quest.


Daphne Giannoulatou: concept, direction

Teta Apostolaki: executive producer

Ersi Giannoulatou: video design/ graphics

Konstantinos Papadopoulos: sound environments

Giorgos Tsourmas: performance

Mirka Stratikopoulou: original text

The Filmians: video