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Where architecture meets ever-changing life

MONDAY, 6 JUNE 2016 | 12:30 -20:30


Free admission

18 scientists and artists; 9 different houses; 3 thematic areas; one large research action: Rehabitations. On Monday, 6 June, at the Onassis Cultural Centre Upper Stage, architecture meets ever-changing life and a different event opens up a great dialogue on the role of the former in shaping everyday reality for people and their needs, its relationship with design, as well as its capability for structural intervention in social stereotypes.



Between 2013 and today, a group of architects, artists and social anthropologists, coming from the Onassis Scholars’ Association, worked together on a voluntary basis, with a view to exploring downtown Athens habitation- and rehabitation-related issues. Within this framework, and following an open call, 9 characteristic inhabited flats in downtown Athens were selected and redesigned. People with personal and totally different stories involving their living space, their family ties, as well as their dreams, their culture and their personalities, opened the doors to their homes and inspired the working group to revisit their flats altogether, so as to reshape them in a functional way an in accordance with their specific needs, as the case may be, adopting interventions of varying intensities and different types. The architects, the artists and the social anthropologists of the group visited the selected houses, photographed them, produced plans and obtained high-quality interviews from their inhabitants. Subsequently, they drafted model redevelopment surveys for the selected dwellings making an effort to render each example relatable to a wider architecture and cultural issue pertaining to living in the city centre.



The Rehabitations research initiative showcased three main thematic areas, which include all 9 case studies/ proposals that will be presented during the Event: The first one pertains to a new relationship between what is private and what is public, that is to say between privately-owned flats and the communal areas of blocks of flats, lofts, staircases and corridors. The second thematic area pertains to appropriation of nature through planting, food crops by the house or even inside it, as well as through a more free-flowing management of the boundary between the interior and the exterior space of the dwelling. The third one pertains to intra-familial and how these affect and become affected by the spatial structures of habitation: how can we manage homes that are charged with the memories of families, the structure of which has changed? Or, how can the diversity of people transcend structures of habitation that reproduce stereotypical family patterns?



In charge of the action is architect Myrto Kiourti. Scientific advisor to the action is Panagiotis Tournikiotis, professor of Architectural Theory at the National Technical University of Athens. The team comprises: Io Paschou, photographer; Pavlina Spandoni, anthropologist/ social policy advisor; Angeliki Paraskevopoulou, landscape architect; Antonis Kiourktsis, architect/ industrial designer; Lia Petrou, -visual artist; Angeliki Svoronou, visual artist/ photographer; Gina Skiada, architect/ anthropologist; and the architects Olga Venetsianou,  Giannis Graos, Melpo Danou, Vlassis Karagiannis, Stella Katsi, Sophia Kioussi, Alexandros Kitriniaris, Nikos Patsavos, Dionyssia Triantafyllou.


Event Communication Sponsor: Athens Voice