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An explosive music and dance performance-experience by the Onassis Scholars' Association and the “Nefelopetra” theatre company comes to the Onassis Cultural Centre on Thursday, 13 November 2014, at 20.30. Free admission

After a successful series of performances in Athens and Thessaloniki, the Onassis Scholars' Association presents the “Nefelopetra” theatre company that comes back with a performance-experience, CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA: a unique music and dance performance inspired by the circus, combining live music, singing, acro-dance and presented for a single night on Thursday, 13 November at the Upper Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre. Free admission.

Nine performers - musicians - singers - dancers - acrobats promise to seduce and surprise the audience with their passion, energy, expressiveness and dangerous acrobatics. The snake-woman, the bird-of-paradise, Mr. Juggler, Mephistophilio, Mrs Fragile, Βang Jay, Sir Yes, the aerial Hecate, Niri, Nelfi and Pierrot take part in a spectacular performance that will take your breath away! You see, CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA is accidentally set up on a minefield. But despite the explosion, the show goes on normally!

The CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA performance takes us to a poetically spooky dark magic world with the help of extreme make-up, lyric music, dangerous acrobatics and fabulous costumes, while the specially designed video arts allude to silent movies and the atmosphere brings to mind Tim Burton's films or Tiger Lilies' performances.
CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA is presented in the context of the Onassis Scholars' Association actions for 2014-2015 which are open to the wider public and aim to bring the Greek society - particularly young people - in contact with a series of original, innovative, interactive initiatives in the sectors of crafts, education, society, entrepreneurship, art, science and sports.

Admission is free with entrance tickets that will be available one hour before the performance at the OCC box office (107, Syngrou Avenue, Athens).
Duration of the performance: 90 min.

A few words about the “Nefelopetra” group:
“Νefelopetra” was formed in 2009 by Petros Politis and Nefeli Markaki. It has performed at the Gyalino Music Theatre, Half Note, Cabaret Voltaire, El Convento del Arte, and has travelled to Regency Casino Thessaloniki for two consecutive years, as well as to Elateia, Kythera and Paros.
The group combines music, dance and visual arts always as a vehicle to narrate a story. Its performances are always original -music composition, choreography and video arts.

Direction: “Nefelopetra”
Composition - choreography: “Nefelopetra”
Texts - lyrics: Yannis Filias
Video art: Vasilis Politis - “Nefelopetra”
Electric guitar: Petros Politis
Electric violin: Nefeli Markaki
Electric piano: Christos Serenes
Violoncello: Nireas Markakis
Percussion: Iakovos Pavlopoulos
Vocals: Yannis Filias, Alexandra Cognac
Dance: Nefeli Markaki
Acrobatics: Nasta Kontopidi, Danae Maltezou