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Athens and its Monuments: A Different Guided Tour

If you’re one of those people who think they really know the monuments of Athens, the new series entitled “Athens and its Monuments: A Different Guided Tour” is about to make you reconsider. Because it’s not just about revising your knowledge of Athenian landmarks but rather about enriching it by shedding light on unknown aspects of their history. The Onassis Scholars' Association won't just stick to the obvious but, taking things one step further, organises an “alternative” educational action exclusively for its members.

The concept of the different guided tour is all about the most important monuments of Athens that we all know and see in our everyday lives being (re)presented from an unusual point of view, that of the tour guide and historical book author, Artemis Skoubourdi, as well as other distinguished guides.

Classical and Neoclassical, Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman Athens, as well as 19th century Athens come back to life through four rounds of guided tours, which, in turn, are further divided into distinct units. The action is concluded by a fifth round of tours, during which we will have the opportunity to become acquainted with unknown aspects of modern Athens.

More information, as well as the invitation to the first guided tour, will follow shortly!

In charge of the guided tours: George Kastis